We always have the choice not to develop a technology; what may be lacking are reasons or will. ☯88MAR

How do you beep? ☯86SEP

As long as we have removable media, modems, or phone lines, we can proceed to network with whomever we want in any way that suits us. ☯91SEP

Will countries start taxing for each byte sent on the net? Will they make a distinction between compressed and non-compressed files? ☯91SEP

I could imagine some governments coming to believe that the net is a source of subversive ideas and banning it in their nations. ☯91AUG

Nations often try to restrict the flow of information/ideas (“memes”) across their borders. ☯91AUG

I’m going to mail three more “returns” to the IRS: a dollar bill, a joke, and some pleasant nonsense out of a gumball machine. ☯94APR

Today is April 15, which for most Americans means we get to send a lot of money to the government. ☯94APR

I wonder if people living on the moon would think of tonight as a solar eclipse? ☯89MAY

A friend of mine said not to look directly at the lunar eclipse for fear of damaging your eyes. I’m surrounded by idiots. ☯89MAY

I yearn for the days when finances will be done electronically by password, so there’ll be no incentive for street robbery. ☯83FEB

I was robbed at knifepoint last night. They took my cash and credit cards after threatening me and punching me in the face. ☯83FEB

People seem to be terminally addicted to their devices and more interested in massaging their data than they are in one another. ☯84JUN

This is “Midas Valley”, where young wizards spin silicon into gold. It’s a place of fast computers, fast cars, and fast women. ☯84JUN

If anyone could provide a list of small start-ups in Silicon Valley, I would greatly appreciate it. ☯85JAN