I sit here looking at this iridescent marble I have here on this fake wood desk trying so damn desperately to tell you all who I am. ☯94JAN

I think the future of personal communications holds great things in store for us, but privacy won’t be one those things. ☯94AUG

I can’t imagine having to drive through Texas because of all the people I would have to set on fire. ☯94JAN

We’re a home for those interested in lethal and non-lethal weaponry, mind control, dolphin research, the pyramids, and psychoactives. ☯94JUL

The information revolution is now. More and more our liberty will depend on the acquisition, dissemination, and control of knowledge. ☯94JUL


My system locked up and a tiny little smiley-face appeared on the screen. ☯92MAR

I just learned that I have a virus lurking on my word processing disk. ☯91JUL

Yesterday, my dock flipped over, the screen melted, and my windows vanished. ☯93OCT

Windows is beeping like crazy—do I have a virus or is it just lame programming? ☯93FEB

Watch your computer real close now and expect another virus to come through the net. It’s a trendy thing these days. ☯88NOV

I have a big problem. My system will not recognize my C: drive. I would appreciate any help on how to get my computer well again. ☯94NOV

A new virus has shown up on the Amiga. It was written by someone calling himself “The Byte Bimbo.” ☯87SEP

What problems do you see for the Internet? What do you think the future holds for the Internet? ☯93NOV

I’ve had a lot of good experiences on the net, and I really think it’s a new culture of its own. ☯93NOV