I just bought the CD “MCMXC a.D.” by Enigma. It is some of the best new age music that I have ever heard! ☯90DEC

I have a personal friend who is trying to mutate into a frog. ☯92JUN

Hello, I’m a lamer. ☯94JUN

I am sick of seeing the server 127․0․0․1 listed all over the Internet. There is nothing of interest on it to most people whatsoever. ☯94OCT

It remains my opinion that pretending to be an asshole on the net and actually being one are not as far apart as some people think. ☯94JUL

My sister is a “squid” (an e-mail freak)—she checks it every ten minutes. ☯94APR

I am 14 years old and I like modems very very very very much. ☯92JAN

Do you talk to the computer as if it could hear you? Does it ever talk back? ☯92JAN

The bet is on if we bomb Iraq again. We’ll let the net decide who wins. ☯92JUL

Fridays are both :) and :( for me. I get to go out and stay up all night but I also won’t be able to communicate online for two days. ☯94MAY

Here’s to the annihilation of car crashes, beer-bottle-smashing yahoos, and all other causes of glass on the roads. ☯91NOV

Something really weird happened at 12:11 AM. My bike blew a tire while parked in my room. It scared the living ^&$% out of me. ☯91NOV

I’ve never cared much for graphic equalizers, but some people can’t live without them. ☯90SEP

CDs are taking over and it seems like a marketing scam to make all of us replace our entire LP music collection. ☯91JUN

Will it take unvarnished genocide within our own borders before some of us are willing to admit that we live in a police state? ☯90JAN