RT @dnlrhn: ◯→ Marbles pop out of an image, it outputs a text description of a wise old friend I met early in life.

I’ve never cared much for graphic equalizers, but some people can’t live without them. ☯90SEP

CDs are taking over and it seems like a marketing scam to make all of us replace our entire LP music collection. ☯91JUN

The compu-nerd is still alive and well, basking in the green glow of phosphor and tippy-tapping away at oh:dark:thirty. ☯90MAR

Will it take unvarnished genocide within our own borders before some of us are willing to admit that we live in a police state? ☯90JAN

I’m hardly a newbie. I’ve been on the net for 11 years. ☯94JUN

I’m having a nightmare in which the ultimately stupid post has been written, and it signals the coming of the apocalypse. ☯94JUN

Give cops the responsibility of enforcing laws that they really don’t respect, and guess what happens? ☯93DEC

What are you doing wasting time posting on the net when people are dying from careless gun handling? ☯94JUN

The last one off the net is a COMPUNERD!!! ☯85APR

I would be a glad human if I never saw another mountain generated with binary subdivision. ☯89NOV

In a few days all of us computers are going to get real pissed at you humans and launch World War III in your faces. ☯87SEP

Please, think before you post next time. ☯88SEP

How much of the net’s capacity is being wasted by messages about New Coke right now? ☯85JUL

Note: I have not and never plan to be a yuppie so say whatever you want to about them. ☯85OCT