Yes, this is a universe where computers can be computers, and programmers should be worshipped (and wear capes if they want to). ☯87DEC

CRTs split open, spilling their load of pixels onto the floor like so much sand. ☯88JAN

A virus was once mistaken for an operating system. ‘MS-DOS’ single-handedly set back the cause of personal computing by 1200 years. ☯88JAN

To show off, Commodore had Andy Warhol paint an image of Debbie Harry which they captured using a frame grabber (she was there too!). ☯85JUL

Never in my entire life have I been left so totally awestruck and speechless as I was tonight at the launch of the Commodore Amiga. ☯85JUL

Computers are not for techie heads any more. ☯94OCT

Is there anything other than game software for the Game Boy? It seems to me that it could make a decent scheduler. ☯94DEC

I am interested in getting an anime-type game for my Game Boy. ☯91DEC

I shudder to think of a generation of kids growing up illiterate and cross-eyed because they spend all day glued to these handhelds. ☯89SEP

I’ve conquered Super Mario Land for the Game Boy. It’s time to upgrade to an Atari Lynx. ☯89DEC


Don’t waste your time fixing those 2000 AD calendar bugs, because all your files will disappear in the year 4000 anyway! ☯85FEB

I was wondering what easther actually means. I have absolutely no idea why East her is celibated. ☯91APR

You want to talk about chocolate easter bunnies? When it’s either you or them, you’ll know what to do. ☯85AUG

Is the Easter Bunny on the net? ☯85APR